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Theodora Fitzsimmons, Phd, PCC, CCM

Partner, Coach Educator and Director of Coaching Services

What I offer:

      • The Level Two 130+ Hour Radiance Coach Certification Program
      • The Level One 60 Hour Radiance Coach Education Program
      • The Radiant Path Certification Program
      • Coaching Supervision
      • Coach Mentoring up to PCC level
      • Team Coach Training
      • Group Coach Training

      My Training Philosophy:

      There is an alarming amount of negativity in the world. We see more evidence of people being unkind to each other rather than of being kind. --Take the guy who honks impatiently at the traffic intersection. I believe that the anger and apathy is the result of the numerous stresses experienced in the world today. Never mind the polarized views of groups of people who cannot see past their own realities and accept that others' views hold meaning and truth to them. Brain Science has revealed that reaction to stress and negative thinking is a normal response to small and large threats. With some simple shifts in thinking, as is done in coaching, one can evolve to more positive, expansive, thinking, and naturally be more motivated, powerful, and successful in everything they do. I believe that everyone is capable of finding and living their purpose with the assistance of a coach. 

      Who I am:

      Being coached for the first time transformed the way I led as a manager in the public sector and sparked my interest in learning to be a coach.  I was first certified as a professional coach by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) in 2014.  In 2016, I was assigned to start up a coaching culture within my organization. This program is now in its fifth year. During this time, I became a credentialed coach, a certified coach mentor, an accredited Coach Supervisor, and Coach Trainer. I bring all of this experience to Radiance and to my private coaching program, Coach Evolving.

      I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  I am a Certified Coach Mentor and am registered on ICF's list of Mentors. I completed a program with Coaching Supervision Academy (CSA), and in June 2019, I became an Accredited Coach Supervisor

      I earned my doctorate in Training and Performance Improvement from Capella University, my Master's degree in Education at University of Maryland and my undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Business from University of Maryland University College. 

      I am certified to order and debrief a number of leadership and behavioral assessments. While assessments are not necessary for coaching, they do often provide a great insight and serve as a launching point for coaching conversations.

      Please reach out to me at; 301-602-5769


      I train small groups and individuals in person in the Maryland and DC Metro    Area and online worldwide.     

      To contact me:

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