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Professional Coach Mentor (PCM) Certification

If you are an experienced coach with either a PCC or MCC credential, you may be ready to share your skills and knowledge in a way that positively impacts many people.  Like a pebble in a pond, mentoring coaches results in exponential positive change in the world.  Every coach you mentor positively transforms many other people. 

A wonderful side effect of learning to mentor coaches is that it gives you deep insights into the ICF Core Competencies that will increase your own coaching skills.

Radiance’s Professional Coach Mentor program is a portion of the Radiance Level 2 Accredited Coach Education program.  It is a Certification program which means you will receive a "Certified Professional Coach Mentor" certificate when you graduate.  The program is 35 hours and is designed to develop your coach mentoring abilities in a way that both levels up your own coaching skills, and also enables you to do the same for other coaches.  The 35 Educational Units awarded satisfy ICF’s training requirements for your next credential or renewal.

PCM Program Structure

PCM is a highly interactive, personal program designed to help you:

  • Understand what mentoring means.
  • Have concrete steps to creating you own mentoring practice.
  • Have viable mentor processes and materials for building your business.
  • Have an increased comfort level in assessing coaching meetings.

CMT is a distance-learning program, delivered through 10 weekly 2-hour online classes. You will dialogue with an MCC Coach Trainer about what it takes to become a successful Coach Mentor, as well as practice what you’re learning. All classes are recorded, so if you are unable to attend a particular class, you can watch the recording and discuss with your trainer to keep current.

The PCM program includes:

  • Interactive online classes: 20 hours
  • Coaching Skills Practices Observations and assessments: 3 hours
  • Peer Coaching Practice: 2 hours
  • Individual Study: approximately 10 hours
  • Explore the Professional Coach Mentoring Program to know how to use it for your own Mentoring
  • Certified Coach Mentor Certificate granted upon successful completion of the program and approval of the Trainer
  • Coach Educational Units awarded: 35

The cost of the program is $2,200 USD.

Program Specifics

The PCM program topics include:

  • Mentoring defined
  • Mentoring at different levels
  • Mentoring through the competencies
  • Completing the mentoring process
  • Assessing coaching for positive impact - both PCC and ACC levels
  • How to listen as an assessor, and give productive feedback
  • Building your mentor business
  • Ethics of mentoring
  • You as a mentor

Participating in mentee coaching skills Practices as well as assessing recorded meetings allow for practice assessing coaching meetings, followed by extensive discussion of the assessment and positive feedback methods.

Our next class starts at March 2, 2024

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