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Coach Training

"This outstanding coach training provided much more than preparation for becoming a Success Coach. As a Master Hypnotherapist, I realized how the powerful coaching strategies enhanced my interviews with clients and helped them prioritize their concerns. It definitely fine-tuned my active listening skills and ability to approach each unique individual with curiosity and compassion at all times. I believe this training is not only an asset to any professional role or relationship; it also improves the dynamics within personal relationships."

Cecilia Thomas, M.Ed, MHt, CSC

"You have given me the gift of helping me travel back to me."
-Gabrielle Semel, Owner of Inner Balance Studio

"Above all else, Diane is a wonderful person and a beautiful soul. I'm grateful that I got to work with her as my coach trainer. Diane is a brilliant space-holder for transformation and a wealth of coaching knowledge and experience. Because of the work we have done together, I feel competent and confident when I work with others. Diane is encouraging in exactly the ways I need, and her skills of observation and communication afforded me the opportunity to grow in remarkable ways. I highly recommend Diane as both a coach and a coach trainer."

-Jaime Shearer

"This Coaching Program works as it gives you an option of either being in a small group or one on one teaching. The best part is you get an encompassing experience of being a client (8 one on one coaching sessions) and a coach(coaching 3 clients supervised) before certification. My instructor, Diane Ingram, is a calm, relaxed, non-judgmental, teacher and always eager to answer all my questions. Joining this program puts you in a community that is available to you even after graduating. I started the program on August of 2018, and truly recommend it to anyone who is serious about being a wholesome life coach."

- Fartun Roble

"My coaching experience was rich with learning both the 'mechanics' of excellent coaching as well as self discovery.  The program was a mix of in person (prior to COVID) and online instruction, which worked well for my learning style.  Kathy was unfailingly insightful, supportive and established an environment that was safe and comfortable for exploring and learning new skills."

- Joan Malone

"Kathy is a phenomenal coach and is recognized as one of the best coaching instructors in the country.  Kathy’s coach training program absolutely prepares you for success as a professional coach.  In fact, I was able to apply for and receive my Associate Certified Coach credential immediately upon graduating.  Kathy continues to support her students as they build their business and gain more experience by offering workshops, webinars, and continuing education."

- Scott Moore, PCC

Entrenamiento de Coaches

"Mi experiencia con Virginia ha sido mágica desde el principio. En coaching es fundamental la confianza y ella me la trasmitió desde el primer contacto que tuvimos que fue una llamada de teléfono. Gracias a esta confianza, me sentí muy cómoda al empezar la formación con ella y pude aprovecharla al máximo. Puedo decir que es gracias a ella que soy la coach que soy hoy en día con mucho orgullo y espero tenerla en mi vida por siempre. Me ha enseñado que todos podemos ser rayos de luz en nuestras vidas y, así, iluminar el mundo. Gracias Vir!"

- Gloria Lopez Benito

"El conocimiento y experiencia que tiene Virginia cómo profesional y formadora de Coaches es infinitamente valioso. Es una gran líder, tiene un don especial de ayudar a transformar, generar conciencia, generar cambios de paradigmas y de hábitos y elevar de manera importante el nivel de bienestar de la personas a las cuales forma, y adicional transmite a los coaches la habilidad de elevar genuinamente ese bien-estar con sus clientes. Virginia es un ser humano increíble, es transparente, cálida, generosa, apasionada, alegre y amplia con el compartir de su conocimiento y experiencia, es creativa, resolutiva y empoderada. Es un honor tener la oportunidad de aprender de Virginia. Cualquier persona que tenga la oportunidad de conocer a Virginia y trabajar con ella experimentará siempre algo positivo en su vida."

-Diana Perez


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