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Imagine living your best life, starting now!

For many people, coaching is a life changing experience that dramatically improves their outlook on work and life while improving their leadership skills. Coaches believe their clients have their own best answer locked inside, so they don’t counsel or advise.  Instead, coaches help people tap into their unknown potential, unlocking sources of creativity and productiveness to reach and sustain greater levels of success.  Coaches are completely impartial, accepting and respectful of their clients, and their main objective is the success of the client.

ICF defines coaching as

“Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential even in the face of growing complexity and uncertainty”

We’d like to partner with you to help you reach your own potential.

What is Coaching?

The idea behind coaching is that we each have a core of knowing within us, the answers to what makes us successful, how to overcome obstacles, and how to increase our well-being throughout our life.  However, with the rigors of our lives and the uncertainty and confusion caused by rapid change in our technology,  environment, social norms, and knowledge base, we have trouble accessing that wisdom and tend to feel stuck, forget the meaning in our life or even worse, spiral into negativity.

A coach is an objective, caring person who partners with you to explore what will increase and sustain your well-being as you navigate through life. Together you will create your own unique path to success, leading to sustainable transformation. You will examine what holds you back, and establish new neural pathways that serve you better, creating habits that will sustain your learning.

Coaching is holistic, meaning it covers all areas of your life. It starts from where you are now, and moves you towards where you want to be. Not sure what that looks like? Coaching also helps you define what is ideal for you, in all your life areas.

All meetings are confidential, the coach’s main concern being for your well-being, learning and success.

Ready to select a coach to start your journey towards a meaningful life?

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What makes Coaching Work?

Coaching ‘grew’ from a variety of sources, starting with the Personal Motivation movement in the 1970’s.  Its roots include Philosophy, Organizational Development, Psychology, Human Resources and Sports Coaching. Experts from all these areas were discovering that most people don’t need therapy, they simply need help to discover what works uniquely for them to navigate through obstacles and to learn new, more supportive ways of being.  Coaching programs developed simultaneously in the U.S. and Europe, and blended together to create coaching as we know it today.

Neuroscientists are now validating why coaching is so effective:  it supports the way our minds work, enabling people to build new neural pathways, creating habits of success.  Neuroplasticity suggests that our minds continue to physically change as we learn, and when a person is determined to achieve a goal, they can create new beliefs and habits that enable them to attain that goal.  Coaches help people to 1) clearly visualize the goal and 2) create the sustainable habits that enable them to reach that goal and others in the future.

Recent surveys show that 99% of coaching clients are satisfied with their results!

A coach doesn’t advise or counsel.  Instead, the coach helps you to access your own inner wisdom for guidance that is unique to you.  The idea is based upon the old adage ‘Give a man a fish, feed him for a day, teach him to fish, feed him for a lifetime”.  Coaches help clients learn how to fish.

Questions to ask your potential coach

Be sure you engage a certified/credentialed coach!  The International Coaching Federation (ICF) has established a credentialing and certification process to help consumers make wise decisions in hiring a coach.  When you first engage, ask these questions:

  • Are you certified by an ICF accredited program?
  • Do you have an ICF credential? Which one?
  • What experience do you have?
  • What is your coaching philosophy?
  • What can I expect from your coaching program?
  • What are some of your coaching success stories?

Radiance Coaching Program

The Radiance Coaching program helps you reach your potential and exponentially increase your well-being.  This program creates a firm foundation of ‘who you are’ to establish what makes meaning in your life.  In our coaching, we partner with the client to co-create the coaching program that best meets their needs.  We can use any number of  our Tools for Transformation to help you define your path, such as:

  • Your Radiant Purpose
  • Purposeful Steps and Check-In
  • Radiant Vision
  • Words of Wisdom

These instruments are combined in a way that works uniquely for you, depending on how you learn, what is important for you, and your goals.

In each meeting your coach works with you towards the goals you have agreed upon for the entire coaching program, exploring to find your unique way of overcoming what’s blocking you to reach those goals.  Along the way, we discover what makes life meaningful to you so that you can make the decisions that will keep you living on purpose.  We help you to develop new habits of success to replace those old thought-habits that keep you stuck. 

What you learn about yourself in your coaching program will impact how you see the world and bring you more successful ways to deal with change.  You might learn new ways to interact with those around you, and will certainly learn what it takes for you to live a life of meaning and well-being.

Coaching is all about sustainability.  In your coaching program we support you so that what you are learning brings sustainable change to your life, and sets the foundation for greater heights.

Radiance Tools for Transformation

At the beginning of the coaching program, Radiance Coaches partner with their clients to select the tools that will match their needs.  The Radiance Tools for Transformation include:

Your Radiant Purpose

When you understand why you are here on this earth, and what matters to you, it gives you direction in your life.  It also helps you to make life-altering decisions:  Will this option keep me on purpose, or not?  We also help you hone in on your values, strengths and what motivates you to gain a good idea of your foundation for living.  This becomes a basis for the rest of your coach program.

Purposeful Steps and Check-In

Using the way the brain works, we help you to create new habits of successfully setting and achieving goals that keep you on purpose.  Each meeting you put what you've learned into practice by identifying steps to do so by the next time we meet.  In the next meeting we analyze your progress to discover your unique recipe for success.  Also we identify elements of your purpose and values, and track how these elements manifest in your life throughout the program to learn what you need in body, mind and spirit to sustain your purposeful way of being.

Radiant Vision

In order for you to determine your direction of your life, we work with you to identify your north star, developing a vision of how your life can be when you clearly envision the ideal in all areas of your life.  We then partner to identify the steps you will take to reach that vision.

Words of Wisdom

In your coaching program you will gain many insights and learning about what makes you successful.  We have you capture those learnings, so you will have a lifelong tool to remind you of what makes you successful. This becomes your Path to Success and Well-Being.

Do you want to know more about our Radiance Coaching Program?


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