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Radiance Coach Supervision Programs

What is CoachING Supervision?

Coaching supervision is a practice that is available to individuals in helping professions to give practitioners a place to go to talk about challenges and questions that come up doing their coaching practice. 

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Radiance Coach Supervision Programs

Radiance Partners, LLC, offers Supervision to students and members of the Radiance community as well as to any other coaches and supervisors. 

Individual Supervision: A supervisor works with a supervisee coach or student. The supervisee can choose from any of our four qualified supervisors and contact them directly for an initial meeting, discussion, and individual arrangements. (Fees vary by individual supervisor.)

Group Supervision: Groups of up to 6 people. One of the participants shares a case, the rest participate by listening and asking questions. The benefit is that the supervisee receives input and feedback from the participants, and everyone learns and develops from the group's reflections. The session is coordinated by the supervisor.

Supervision Fees:


Radiance Student



Group Size

Program Length

Individual (1:1)

$50 per hour




Varies by supervisor and need

Open Group





monthly and ongoing

Closed Group





8 sessions

2024 Closed Group Supervision Offerings:

Upcoming Closed Supervision Groups




Fall 2024

Certified and Accredited coaches are invited to join a closed group

English/Dr. Theodora


August 2024 - March 2025

Certified and Accredited coaches are invited to join a closed group



Early 2025

Certified and Accredited coaches are invited to join a closed group

Greek/Dr. Theodora

Coming Soon

ICF's Position on Coaching Supervision and Credentialing*

ICF recognizes Coaching Supervision as an important element of a coach’s professional development, learning and growth.

ICF Credential-holders may submit up to 10 hours of Coaching Supervision (delivering or receiving) as Core Competency Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units toward their credential renewal.

Coaching Supervision may include:

  • Exploring the coach’s internal process through reflective practice
  • Reviewing the coaching agreement and any other psychological or physical contacts, both implicit and explicit
  • Uncovering blind spots
  • Ethical issues
  • Ensuring the coach is “fit for purpose” and perhaps offering accountability
  • Looking at all aspects of the coach and client’s environment for opportunities for growth in the system

*ICF Website

Radiance Coach Supervisors are certified and experienced!

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