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    The Radiant Path

The Radian Path program is designed for coaches who already have coach training from another organization and want to learn the highly effective Radiance Framework plus become part of the vibrant Radiance Community of high-level coaches.  There are two paths:

  1. Credentialed Coach Path:  Coaches who are already certified and/or have a PCC or MCC Credential.
  2. PCC Certification Path:  ACCs who want a high-quality path to PCC Certification.  Completing the Radiant Path program results in the student receiving a Radiance Coach Level 2 Certificate, which can be submitted to ICF for an ACC or PCC credential application using the Level 2 path.

All graduates of this program qualify to join the Radiance Community as full Radiance Coaches, for continual learning, networking, support and connection.  Graduates also receive Education Credits accepted by ICF to fulfill the training requirements for credentialing or renewal.

Requirements to Take the Radiant Path:

Credentialed Coach Path:

  • Certification from an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP or Level 2) OR
  • ACC Credential OR
  • PCC Credential OR
  • MCC Credential 
  • Applicants must have 1 recording assessed by a Radiance Coach Instructor

PCC Certification Path:

  • ACC Credential OR
  • Quality Coach Training and Coaching experience
  • Applicants must have 1 recording assessed by a Radiance Coach Instructor

Radiant Path Education Program Structure


  • PCC Certification path: 65 hours
  • Credentialed Coach Path:  60 hours. 

Average length of time is 6 months.

Schedule Depends on the instructor and group or individual training:

  • Individual:  At your convenience and you set the pace.
  • Group:  The cohort determines the days and times of classes.  Most Radiant Path students start in March or September.


  • Conducted 1:1 or in small groups
  • In person and/or distance learning
  • Approximately 60 hours direct interaction with the Coach Instructor
  • 7 hours of Group Mentoring, plus 3 hrs of one-on-one Mentoring for the PCC Certification Path. 
  • Language depends on the Coach Instructor.  Currently we have classes in English, Spanish and Greek.
  • Tuition:  Includes mentoring, business development training, exams and certification fees, and can be paid in monthly installments, or paid in full and receive a $200 discount.  Tuition is $5,400 (Credentialed Coach Path) or $6,000 (PCC Certification Path).  

Graduation Requirements:

    • Demonstrate Coaching the Radiance Coaching Program
    • Experience Radiance Coaching Program
    • Coach at least 1 client through the Radiance Program with mentoring from a Radiance Mentor Coach.
    • ACC: Complete the Metamorphosis Process, optional for PCC students.
    • ACC: Pass the final assessment using ICF markers at least at the PCC level.

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    Radiant Path Modules

    MODULE 1  - Experience and Learn the Unique Radiant Coaching Program

    • Learn your Radiant Purpose and how to use it to achieve desired results.
    • How to coach from a spiritual foundation
    • Learn the Radiance Tools for Transformation

    MODULE 2 - The Spiritual Dimensions of Coaching

    • Introduction to the 13 Spiritual Dimensions to deepen your understanding of coaching, and broaden your scope. 
    MODULE 3  - Tools for Transformation
    • Introduction to the Radiance Framework, including Life Purpose, Discovery process, Purposeful Steps, Purposeful Check-in and Radiant Vision.
    • Practice

      MODULE 4  - Advanced Core Competencies

      • Deep dive into the Competencies – an advanced look
      • Practice

      MODULE 5  - Practice of Coaching

      • Define your practice, how to manage clients, understand ICF credentialing requirements and forms.

      Asynchronous Coach Specific Courses

      • Select from among the Radiance Coach-Specific courses 
      Mentoring (PCC Certification Path only)
      • Mentoring as the student coaches 1+ clients under close supervision. 
      • Complete Metamorphosis: A Self-Coaching Journey (optional for Credentialed Coach Path)

      Note:  Your instructor serves as your Mentor Coach providing feedback on your coaching competency and mastery. You do not need to pay extra to hire a Mentor Coach.

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