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The Radiance Level 1 60 Hour Coach Education Program is offered to meet ICF Requirements for the ACC Credential.  It consists of 60 hours of training including the required 10 hours of mentoring established by the ICF for Level 1 (formerly ACSTH) level training.

This may be a good option for those who want to learn more about being a coach before committing to the full 130+ Hour Coach Certification Program.

Although the class is designed to give the student the necessary education hours to apply for the ACC Credential (once the required coaching hours and number of clients has been attained), the education is at the PCC level.

Radiance Level One 60 Hour Coach Education Program Structure

Length:  60 hours total, including 50 hours of Coach Education and 10 hours of mentoring.

Schedule Depends on the Coach Instructor and group or individual:

  • Individual:  At your convenience and you set the pace.
  • Group:  The cohort determines the days and times of classes. 


  • Conducted 1:1 or in small groups of 2-6 students.
  • In person and/or distance learning available.
  • 50 hours direct interaction with Coach Instructor.
  • 10 hours of Mentoring.
  • Language depends on the Coach Instructor.  Currently we have classes in English, Spanish and Greek.

Additional opportunities include monthly web-learning classes, monthly peer coaching practices and cohort practices.  All of these give you credit towards your certification.

Tuition: Includes coach training, coaching, mentoring, business development training, exams and certification fees. Please contact us for current tuition rates.

Requirements to be a Radiance Student:

    • A deep caring for people.
    • Curiosity 
    • Awareness of being on a spiritual journey.
    • Commitment to personal growth and discovery.
    • The ability to be present.
    • The ability to understand the autonomy of both coach and client.
    • The ability to communicate honestly, be open to feedback and assistance and create the time and energy to fully participate in the program.
    • The ability to be responsible for finding their own clients.

    Training Goals for our Radiance Coach Education Students:

    • Learn the ICF coaching competencies.
    • Learn how to facilitate conversations for change, vision, awareness, context and responsibility.
    • Demonstrate ability to enable clients to learn how to produce the results they want.
    • Be ready to apply for the ICF ACC Credential.

      Radiance Level One 60 Hour Coach Education Modules

        MODULE 1 - Experience and Learn the Radiant Coaching Approach

        Objective: The student will experience the coaching program as a client, with the addition of teaching moments that help solidify their classroom learning.  This helps them gain a clear idea of what their clients will experience when they start coaching.

        MODULE 2 - Introduction to the ICF Core Competencies

        Objective:  The student will understand what professional coaching is and the foundations of excellent coaching.

        • What is a Coach? 
        • ICF Core Competencies
        • Ethics and Standards
        • Spiritual Dimensions of Coaching
        • The Neuroscience behind Coaching

          MODULE 3 - Tools for Transformation-Discovery Process

          In-depth and experiential introduction to the Discovery tool in the Radiant Coach's toolbox.


          ICF Requires 10 hours of mentoring to apply for the ACC Credential.  The Radiance program includes mentoring as the student coaches 2 clients through a 3 month coaching program.  The mentoring is comprised of 10 meetings with the student to help them increase their understanding of the ICF Core Competencies.


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