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Diane Ingram


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The highest expression of Diane’s purpose is as a Radiance Coach, Coach Educator and Partner. As Co-Director of Education for the ICF-accredited Radiance Partners, LLC, and in her role as a coach to many inspiring clients, she has the opportunity to witness, facilitate and experience growth in the most remarkable ways, supporting clients and students to extraordinary achievements beyond their already successful lives.

Diane is a Master Certified Coach, with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Human Development. She is the author of hundreds of articles and five books including The Heart and Soul of Extraordinary Leadership. A recognized top corporate trainer for ten years, she has facilitated groups of 5-200 leaders, skillfully bringing engagement and dynamism.

One of Diane’s proudest leadership roles was as President of the New York City chapter of World Runners, which engaged hundreds of volunteers to produce races, provided critical volunteer support for the NYC Marathon and raised money toward the mission of ending hunger in the world. Along the way, she ran two NYC Marathons.

Diane is a student of the Diamond Approach, which fosters personal and spiritual development through methods of meditation, present-moment awareness, and self-observation.

Diane loves singing and playing guitar, sailing with her husband, family and friends, practicing yoga and running daily. She lives outside of New York City, in the Hudson Valley region of New York.
Experience Highlights
• 20 years Coaching
• 7+ years Educating exceptional coaches
• Co-created Radiance Partners, LLC Coach with 4 other extraordinary partners.
Significant Achievements
• ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC)
• Certified Radiance Coach (CRC)
• Dual B.S. Degree in Psychology and Human Development, Ohio University
• Certified Higher Ground Leadership Coach
• Certified Neuroscience Conversation Intelligence Coach
• Leader of SUN Global Initiative, 2020
• Corporate Trainer/Seminar Leader from 2008-2018
• The Diane Ingram Show, cable TV, producer and host
• Call the Coach radio show, creator and host
• Published Listen to your Heart: A Guide to Living Life on Purpose in 2008.
• Published Shine at Work: Be Empowered and Engaged in 2013.
• Published The Heart and Soul of Extraordinary Leadership in 2014.
• Published Bits of Inspiration: A Compilation of Writings 2008-2014 in 2014.
• Published The Gift in 2018.
Proudest Accomplishment
Co-created Radiance Partners, LLC Coach with 4 other extraordinary partners.
ICF Credential
Other Credentials
Higher Ground Leadership Certification, Conversational Intelligence Certification
Coaching Specialty
  • Career
  • Executive
  • Leadership
  • Life
  • Spiritual
  • Transitions
My Coaching Philosophy
Diane believes and experiences coaching as one of the most powerful tools to empower and transform another human being to live a purposeful life of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Through support, knowledge, discussion and practice, she helps others master the skills needed to move towards empowered potential, fostering transformation in the world.

Diane imagines a world where all of us are living lives of purpose, expanding our potential of what is possible. Being a coach, one becomes a facilitator of that realization.
Coaching Message
My experience shows me that everyone has a purpose and the potential to actualize it to the fullest extent. When one in empowered, they can create a purposeful, satisfying life of their choosing. It's a pleasure to witness transformation in my clients and students, and I feel so grateful for the opportunity to support another to shine!
Coaching Style
  • Awareness Building
  • Creative
  • Empowering
  • Transformational
I highly recommend Diane as an exceptional Executive Coach who has made a significant impact on my professional growth and work-life balance. I started working with Diane in 2019, after having searched for a coach for several years, and was immediately attracted by her experience and approach. As a busy mom and manager in a large international organization - coming out of my second maternity - Diane helped me reassess and realign my values, communicate more effectively my needs at work. I may be high performing, but thanks to Diane I've also become more effective. She's carefully guided me through important transitions in thinking and positioning, to better capitalize on personal and professional growth opportunities. Diane's expertise and genuine care for clients make her an invaluable asset for anyone seeking career success and personal fulfillment.
Cecilia L. Fantoni, Public Affairs Manager at UNICEF

At a time in my life when I needed work life balance and career support, Diane provided me with objective reflections about what is truly important to me and how to focus on those things for ultimate success, fulfillment and satisfaction. I highly recommend Diane.
Alex Henderson, MD, University of Maryland Medical Center

My time management skills and general work/life balance have greatly improved from my work with Diane. As department head and mother of young children, it is a challenge that I now embrace with confidence thanks to Diane's skillful work with me.
Lisa Stringer, Pediatric Cardiologist, NYC

Diane applies a remarkable balance of intuition, organization, and conversation facilitation skill in her work. She prepares a comfortable conversation place where unpacking life's complexity is completely natural. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to improve clarity, purpose, and joy in their life and I feel that I have benefited in all three of these areas as a result of working with her.
Trevor Cole, Director, WEG Wind US

Above all else, Diane is a wonderful person and a beautiful soul. Diane is a brilliant space-holder for transformation and a wealth of experience. Because of the work we have done together, I feel competent and confident when I work with others. Diane is encouraging in exactly the ways I need, and her skills of observation and communication afforded me the opportunity to grow in remarkable ways. I highly recommend Diane.
Jaime Shearer, Fortune 500 Strategy Execution, Emerson Human Capital Consulting

Diane is a masterful coach whom I asked to help me improve and enhance my job interview skills. She provided specific tips for interview content preparation, delivery preparation and delivery techniques. Her coaching enabled me to feel that I was presenting myself well and it enabled me to actually enjoy the interview process.
Marilyn Collins, Change Management at Hadassah, the Women's Zionist Organization of America
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  • English
New York
United States
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