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10 Reasons to choose Radiance Partners, LLC Coach Training

5 Jul 2023 2:01 PM | Kathy Harman (Administrator)

So, you want to become a coach and understand that your coach training is critical to your success as a coach.  There are so many training options, why come to Radiance Partners LLC for Coach Training?  Here are ten great reasons why we stand out from the crowd:

  1. Our class cohorts are small, 4-6 people, enabling us to give every student personal attention, and the students to bond closely with their peers.
  2. We give you the tools and knowledge to start your own company and attract the clients you most want to coach.
  3. Our training program includes both experiencing Radiance Coaching so you truly understand the client experience, and coaching at least 3 people while being mentored, so that by the time you graduate you feel confident in your coaching ability and your coaching business is up and running.
  4. We have a vibrant community of coaches who support each other during training, and even more importantly, after training.  You will find your tribe  here.
  5. Training includes learning the Radiance framework, an optional toolbox to enable our coaches to offer a purpose-driven coaching program to their new clients.
  6. We are accredited by the International Coach Federation, the largest global coach regulatory organization in the world. 
  7. Our program is based on the ICF Coaching Competencies, Spirituality and Neuroscience, to fully develop knowledgeable, confident coaches. 
  8. In our program, our students create new thought-habits to support a more effective way to be present, deeply listen, and partner with their clients in an exploration of their greatness.  This results in greater ability and confidence when they graduate.
  9. The Radiance Coach Training Program was developed by master-level coaches, and continues to evolve to meet the needs of our clients as the world changes. 
  10. During training, our students grow in self-awareness and their ability to connect to themselves and those around them.

Interested?  Our next cohort starts soon, and we only have a couple of slots left.  Contact us to find out if you're a match for our ideal student profile:  


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