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How Present Are You?

22 Jun 2023 10:52 AM | Diane Ingram (Administrator)

Two of the ICF Competencies: Cultivates Trust and Safety and Maintains Presence are two really important skills for a coach, and yet what does this mean? What does safety and presence have to do with each other?

Presence is a practice that allows for an ever-deepening ability to powerfully create and hold space for the client to feel safe, first and foremost. When one feels safe and trusts the coach, there is space to be vulnerable, dive deep, touch into those tender places longing to be seen and felt. Safety is a launch pad for the client to explore imagined possibilities of expansion that require courage and risk. 

When the coach is able to be totally present for the client, there is nothing else in the world but that client during that session. No past or future, just the fertile, revelatory now where life happens.

In how many other areas of our life does this potent energy live? How can we cultivate more presence in our own lives and bring this gift to our clients, each and every time? Tell us what you have found.


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